everybody's a critic-update

is it just me or does it seem that since american idol is around everybody's a critic when it comes to music now? seems like we've all become little simons...

that was random!

update: btw, this post was created as my and my wife sat in the living room laughing at how we had both become little critics when we watch AI...heck, even i've rambled on about who i thought should go home on certain weeks on this site - for what it's worth, i think jordin goes home this week - she blew it last night - melinda blew it out of the box (had to sound like randy there) - she actually entertained and as one good friend says, she wasn't as painful to watch last night - blake did awesome on the maroon 5 song


Debbie C. said...

Yeah, so I admit I have also become a little critic. But isn't that what AI is all about? Let's just hope I don't carry this critical spirit into real life, now that is the real clincher!!
BTW, thanks for the blog plug!

Meredith said...

the bad thing about having plenty of musical training is that you notice EVERYTHING, which can be painful . . . so I try not to comment at all. :-)