sunday night download

just a wrap up/break down of what's on my mind...
  • had supper last night with some friends from church, patrice's steak looked like a fish - pics forthcoming - it's great!
  • fun time last night at supper - watching kendall stand on the chair while we yelled yee-haw was classic...
  • what i heard of the message this am was on target and pulled no punches - been processing these things myself - just pray!
  • had a couple bumpy spots in this am's service - nothing that we can't improve upon - here's the deal, we can never be the best at anything, because when we are, we stop improving!
  • started writing some content for the new site - also, doing a lot of parallel reading of other sites to see some of their content and the phraseology that's used
  • can't wait to be on vacation sometime soon - now would be good, but gotta wait...
  • josh's soccer team played one of their best games this past weekend...alyssa's are always fun to watch - i call it bunch ball at this age
  • the apprentice isn't on and that stinks - donald, still want to be on the show if you ever read this - the first pastor ever!
  • took alyssa to world of wonder this afternoon while patrice went 'walmartin' (that's what they call it in some surrounding counties) - we had a blast - what a great park, so much creativity for a child, so much to do - it's huge - if you're a parent, gotta take your kids there if you're nearby - it was a great daddy/daughter date!
  • the falcons shored up their defense - looking good for next year if the team can keep their nose out of trouble
  • the braves lost today in an extra-value game (extra-innings)...on an unrelated cool note, chipper hit into an unassisted triple play - only been 13 of them in all of mlb history - i remember when raffy executed one a few years back - wow! bummer for larry though - this was the 2nd time in his career he hit into one - last one was in '96 - what are the chances?
  • the above point reminds me of the perfect game (only been 17 in history) that josh and i saw when randy johnson pitched in turner stadium - by the ninth inning we were all pulling for the d-backs because we wanted to see history take place - great to be there with my son!
  • going to be a busy practices, games, travel, stuff...
  • finally, i'm the most blessed man in the world with my amazing wife and two incredible children!
time to go to bed...gonna be a long, but fruitful week!

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