last summer, at the last minute, my family and i made a choice to volunteer with a kid's missions trip - i was the cook! i know, that's a scary thing to think about but i had the easy job (well, sorta) - my wife was the camp nurse, the assistant cook, and the object lesson coach. we spent an entire week in inner city savannah reaching out to the government housing projects and other surrounding neighboorhoods - it was incredible. imagine a group of 3rd-6th graders being trained for ministry and doing the stuff! - that's what we did...well, it's that time of year again to get the "Project GO!" train on the tracks!

i spent most of the day in macon meeting with other A/G high caliber children's ministry leaders pr epping for this year's trip - it's going to be great - and, it's going to be challenging - as of right now we don't have a place to sleep, cook or practice - but we have a place to have services! the rest will fall into place...

for those that don't know - Project GO! (PG) is geared for put them into train prepare them for life by beginning now to let them see that they can be used by God - we use material developed by the A/G - for more information, you can click here - it's intense and for those serious about being used by God. really fired up about it - really fired up about going down to serve! really looking forward watching these kids be used by God...

to top it off tonight - my son's soccer team won 5-1 in a remarkable game!

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