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just wanted to pass along some great blog-reading when you have time - these are some of the things that i've been revisiting over the past day or more because i think they're either profound or powerful - check 'em out...

batterson lead the pack here with several blogs that have captured my attention:
  • "out of church experience" is one of the best recaps of one of mark's core convictions - in fact, i've used these statements on more than one occasion - "change of pace + change of place = change of perspective" - that's a battersonism that is worth hanging on to. on a personal level, what that means is that if i can't make it to a change of place (i.e., this conference, or that one) then i need to begin to look locally for a change of place - in other words, what can i learn from this business, that park, this hotel, that restaurant that can bring change of perspective so that i'm always leading from the front of the pack with fresh ideas and new insight.
  • "the spirituality of space" is another one of mark's post that captured me - don't think he's ever quite coined it in the terms he did in this post. on a personal level, being that we're going into a new building in perhaps just a couple of months or so, it's so imperative that we create the right atmosphere - so key! i came across this from someone - not sure, maybe batterson or someone else, we create our buildings, then our buildings create us! that's so true, whether you're creating a new nursery, a new youth room, a new office, whatever - you create it then it forms you - it forms your perspective, your outlook, your sense of optimism or not, you're way of framing things.
  • finally, this batterson blog has been on my radar for many days now - it's a quote that mark shares from craig groeschel of - here's the quote - "The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be may be the painful decision you refuse to make." - wow! this has been on my radar simply because i don't want my inability to make a decision be the thing that keeps me from all that God has for me! i'll keep coming back to this one i know.
  • another excellent post from one of the leaders at ncc is this one from heather - this is a long one, but you need to make time to read through it all and digest it - btw, this is one of an excellent series of posts coming from the zone gathering blog
  • the final post that has challenged me is this one from craig on breaking through growth barriers - it's simple, it's powerful, it's true - but too often people are too afraid to do this very thing this post challenges us to - whether it be in our church, our marriage, our parenting, our jobs, our business - whatever - sometimes, you've just got to change something...putting your finger on the right thing is another challenge though. on a personal level, i just read about a church that had over 60 committees in it - how stupid is that is my first reaction. but, beyond that, the details of this congregation were that they didn't even realize they had this many, they were loosing on average 55 people per year (but no one noticed because there were over 2000 in the congregation so it took a while for people to notice that others were leaving while some new ones were coming in), and they were slowly dying! what changed it for them was a wake up call with reality when they realized the situation they were in - know what they did? they changed something - they changed from a committee-led, deacon-led church to a staff-led church with only 3 committees and an elder board that provided general oversight and accountability - bottom line, they changed something - what in your life, in your church, in your career, in your marriage, in your parenting-style, in your pursuit of God needs to be changed? Remember the post above and keep this in mind..."The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be may be the painful decision you refuse to make."
have a great weekend...i'm out!

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