i HAD a dream

it's 3:45AM (which is usually not a good time to be wide awake!), the cosby show is on TV (i love that show still plus it's about the only thing on worth watching at this time in the am)...why am i awake? because i had a dream...

it was a weird dream, but in the dream i saw a scripture that was scribbled on a piece of paper, actually it was several pieces of paper...truth of the matter, it was followed by an autograph of a famous country singer (CASH), how did this dream all come about? i'm guessing, and this is just how my dreams typically come about, they tend to be 'by-products' of my day's activities...through the course of yesterday, i specifically remember looking at my son's dresser where he had laying an autographed picture of toby mac from a recent concert - i saw it twice - that's the autograph part. the only other thing i can figure is that i watched a couple of portions of the cmt music awards - that's the country music singer part...but, what about that scripture?

over and over he kept signing proverbs 29:???-??? - i couldn't make the last part out, so, i got out of bed to take a look at that chapter in proverbs to see if this was a God thing, or just a really bad mexican fajitas thing...

it's a God thing! i came across this passage in verse 25 - "The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in God protects you from that" - definitely a God thing!

i've been pondering this thought recently and posted about it on another blog - we ultimately have an audience of one - and that would be God. it's His opinion that really is all that matters. it's his approval that is all that is matters. but, and here's the God-breakthrough part for me this morning/night, this verse supports that, but it's fact, the opinion of God and the approval of God (rather than man) ONLY comes as a result of the last half of that verse - "trusting in God protects you from that" - that's it! that's the part that matters the most...

too often we (and i mean starting with ME) state that it's only God that i have to please, but we use that to hide behind something - we don't first trust God and then not worry about man's opinion, instead we don't worry about man's opinion then trust God - what if?

what if God wants us to regard man's opinion AFTER we trust Him - perhaps that could be part of the plan, perhaps we don't have to worry about it at all!

well, it's late/early (depending on your perspective) this was something that i just had to download though because it's something that's been on my heart - we have an audience NOT of One, but beginning with One!

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